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Daniel Buege, SSC
Head Coach

Daniel was introduced to Starting Strength by his father in his early teens when he shared a copy of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training with him. However, it wouldn’t be until much later that he actually read the book and started applying the method. Seeing results for himself and watching other testimonials convinced him that Starting Strength was the most efficient and effective method of strength training. After discovering that there were coaching opportunities, he decided to attend a Starting Strength Seminar in Wichita Falls, Texas, and pursue a career in coaching. In March of 2022, Daniel took the next big step to achieve this goal by moving from South Dakota to Houston, Texas, for the opportunity to apprentice under the guidance of Starting Strength coaches Josh Wells, Tony Stein, and JD Shipley.  Daniel is eager to apply what he has learned by helping the future members of Starting Strength Miami achieve their strength and overall fitness goals as our coach.

Charles Williams

Charles has been a personal trainer and in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He has owned and managed gyms in the New York Long Island area and has trained hundreds of individuals.  
Charles started doing Starting Strength back in 2019 and has been coaching his clients according to the Starting Strength method since then. He has helped a wide range of clients realize their strength potential and live a better quality of life. 
“Starting Strength has not only has not only helped me become physically stronger than I have ever been but has also been an integral part of my development as an individual. The mental approach of adding 5 pounds to the barbell not only works in the gym, but it also works with any difficult task I approach in life.” 
Charles joined the Starting Strength Miami team in 2024 and is looking forward to helping people realize the benefits that this program has to offer.


No More Wondering What To Do At The Gym

Your Coach Will Guide You

Learn what exercises to do and how many reps/sets you need
Know how long you have to rest between sets
Train with our world-class Coaches and get stronger faster, safer and more efficiently

No Gimmicks, No Fads, No Sales Desk

All You Need to Get Stronger and Nothing More

A Platform Reserved for You

No more waiting for equipment. Your personal training appointment includes a platform reservation with all of the equipment you need to perform the exercises that are prescribed for you.

Digital Logbook App

Unequivocal, numerical progress - tracked in your own digital logbook. Available exclusively to Starting Strength Gyms Members.

No Sales Desk

The gym is for training, not sales. We dislike the pushy-gym-sales-guy as much as you do.


Equipment Designed by the Creator of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe

Train With Our Custom Designed Equipment


There is no better tool for the job of getting stronger. Infinitely scalable. The elderly and de-trained may start with a broomstick. Some of our strongest trainees lift over 600lbs.

SS Power Rack

Each platform has a 600lb, bare steel, c-channel power rack. This is an indestructible piece of equipment. Multi-purpose, for anything and everything you need related to strength training.

SS Bench

Our red oak butcher-block bench is plain and perfectly designed, made 10” wide (versus 12”) to keep you honest on your bench setup.


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Regardless of Your Age or Fitness Level


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