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Matt Hebert, SSC
head CoacH

Matthew Hebert, Head Coach at Starting Strength San Antonio, played baseball at East Texas Baptist University and Stephen F. Austin University. Here he discovered the Starting Strength methodologies. He began coaching in 2020 under the auspices of both Brent Carter SSC and Jordan Burnett SSC. To hone his abilities as a coach, he studied with Nick Delgadillo SSC, Darin Deaton SSC, and Josh Wells SSC. In the spring of 2021, Matt attended his first Starting Strength Seminar, and deepened his skill base with the Starting Strength Coach Development Course. He earned the Starting Strength Coach Credential in March of 2022. As the Head Coach at Starting Strength San Antonio, he enjoys helping his lifters realize their athletic potentials and developing the rest of the staff coaches.

Brittany Bouwman

Brittany Bouwman, Staff Coach at Starting Strength San Antonio, cancer survivor, and mother of three – began her journey seeking personal health in the Navy. But she found her true calling to the fitness industry in 2017 while coaching martial arts. At the Professional Karate Institute of Mixed Martial Arts she coached nutrition and basic self defense. Brittany began using the Starting Strength method in 2020 and further went on to develop as a coach at Starting Strength San Antonio as an apprentice. She has since participated in a Starting Strength Weightlifting coaching clinic, one seminar, and continues honing her craft in the coach development program and with Precision Nutrition. She especially loves helping her athletes find life-long healthy habits for getting stronger.

Victoria Diaz, SSC

Victoria Diaz, a Starting Strength Coach since 2017, began her professional career pursuing fitness in New York. After earning a diploma in a Personal Training Master Course in March 2015, she began working at a high end fitness boutique, coaching a multiform clientele base. While in New York she earned a license as a Massage Therapist and became a student of the Starting Strength model and its methodologies. Coach Diaz left New York to coach at Starting Strength San Antonio and enjoys the thrills of competing in strength lifting and sharing that joy with the athletes she trains.


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No more waiting for equipment. Your personal training appointment includes a platform reservation with all of the equipment you need to perform the exercises that are prescribed for you.

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Unequivocal, numerical progress - tracked in your own digital logbook. Available exclusively to Starting Strength Gyms Members.

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The gym is for training, not sales. We dislike the pushy-gym-sales-guy as much as you do.


Equipment Designed by the Creator of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe

Train With Our Custom Designed Equipment


There is no better tool for the job of getting stronger. Infinitely scalable. The elderly and de-trained may start with a broomstick. Some of our strongest trainees lift over 600lbs.

SS Power Rack

Each platform has a 600lb, bare steel, c-channel power rack. This is an indestructible piece of equipment. Multi-purpose, for anything and everything you need related to strength training.

SS Bench

Our red oak butcher-block bench is plain and perfectly designed, made 10” wide (versus 12”) to keep you honest on your bench setup.


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