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Rehab Programming from Will Morris, DPT, SSC

Meet Will Morris, DPT, SSC

Will Morris, DPT, SSC, is an expert at using the barbell to help strength trainees recover from injuries. Whether you need a programming and/or technique modification to accommodate your situation, Will's decades of experience as a strength coach and physical therapist will help you maximize your chances of getting back to setting PRs as quickly as possible.

Rehab Programming

90 Minute Rehabilitation Consultation

Comprehensive Discussion on Training and Health History

Personalized Suggestions for Programming

$350 per appointment

“Will Morris is an invaluable resource for my coaching practice. He's the first person I call when any of my clients or I have a persistent injury I don't know how to address. There's nothing he hasn't seen. Every time I've personally consulted with Will I leave with a comprehensive understanding of my situation and a meaningful sense of optimism that I'm on my way back to productive, pain-free training.”


“I had a partial tear in my hip flexor after a cross-country skiing accident. Dr. Will Morris made a detailed plan for my rehabilitation. Four months later I passed my military physical tests pain-free. His understanding of anatomy, physiology and level of investment in his clients' development is unmatched.”


“Will has helped me navigate training through Crohn's disease, recovering from neck surgery & rehabbing from knee surgery. Without Will I would be in a much worse place physically and psychologically. Thank you!”

RAY GILLENWATER - OWNER, Starting strength gyms

"I had a meniscus root tear which led to severe osteoarthritis in my right knee - my only surgical option was a total knee replacement. Coach Will Morris prescribed several exercises to help my knee which caused dramatic improvement. We were able to move me back into heavy lifting per the Starting Strength Method. I hit big PRs on all the lifts. I am happily avoiding that total knee replacement."



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